Majestic Landscaping Design

The decision to build a new home or structure is an exciting one, and we’re here to help you throughout every step of the process. From planning, to estimating, design, construction and project closeout, Durham Design makes the building process simple and approachable.

Whether it’s your first home, or your forever home, Durham Design Build can design and build the home of your dreams. Your home should fit your lifestyle, in every sense of the word. Durham Design Build will meet with you to discuss building plans for your home. You may provide building plans, or you can work with one of our designers to achieve the plan that fits your lifestyle.

We use the most advanced techniques for light frame construction (or stick frame construction), ensuring a quality building product that meets local and state building codes. We can work with you to incorporate energy efficiency products and building techniques such as SIPS as well.
We believe in attention to the details. From framing all the way to final trim ca

We offer Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) in order to provide the most advanced technology and building materials to our clients.
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
SIPs are high-performance building panels used in residential and light commercial construction. The panels are fabricated to a specific building design, saving time, materials cost and labor hours on a building site. SIPs are constructed in three layers: an insulated foam core sandwiched between two structural components- an exterior sheathing & and interior sheathing. The resulting building material is strong, energy efficient and cost effective for building operations over the long run.
SIPs Benefits

Structural Integrity: SIPs were adopted into the International Residential Code in 2007. SIPs have structural characteristics similar to steel I-beams.
Energy Efficiency: SIPs are a green construction material that help to seal the building envelope completely. The result is better building insulation and an airtight structure. That means you’ll use less energy to heat and cool your home.
Air Quality: SIPs allow for better control of indoor air quality, as only controlled ventilated air is cycled throughout the building. Controlled ventilation filters allergens, contaminants and humidity, thus creating a healthy indoor environment. SIPs meet strict stand.